$97.00 USD

Reinvention Rest Stop: Living Beyond Burnout Community & Program

This is internal work… it’s calendar work…it’s choices.  

The program includes:

  • Daily inspirational videos, quotes and guided activities to help you rest and recover
  • Daily community support via the Kajabi Communities app
  • This program is intended to be used with the book/workbook. You will get a PDF (electronic copy) via the purchase confirmation email. If desired, you can purchase a physical copy on Amazon. 

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What People Are Saying:

I can confidently say I got what I hoped to get out of Living Beyond Burnout. It helped me consistently take time for myself, discover new ways to rest, and I emerged feeling much better. I'm no longer feeling burned out--I know what forms of rest work best for me, and I'm learning how to make more space in my life for the things that bring me joy.

Erim A.

Living Beyond Burnout gave me a much-needed way out from the clutches of burnout.

Belinda S.

The Living Beyond Burnout program gave me greater understanding as to what caused my burnout. It gave me both a structure and permission to create the space I needed to prioritize rest. I discovered some unique frameworks to help me prioritize activities that I need to do and an opportunity to practice some new ways of thinking and being. It reaffirmed the importance of creating boundaries to take care of myself before trying to care for others.

Stan H.