‘Battle Cry:’ Watch our video salute to International Women’s Day

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2022

Happy International Women’s Day, Fam! In the spirit of waking up to a beautifully wrapped gift…we give you Battle Cry!!

  • To the queens who straighten our crowns and raise the bar…thank you!

  • To the women holdin’ it down in the community…I see you!

  • To ALL of you who inspire me to dream bigger, work harder and see possibilities—I’m deeply grateful.

Today and everyday.


*Battle Cry is a commissioned piece written by Dasan Ahanu and visually produced by TR Laww Production.

The incredible women featured are Reinvention Road Trip Alumnae & Friends (in order of appearance) Kezia ‘Kate’ Goodwin, Shawna McKinnon, Tiffany Roach, Lucia Grandison, Lisa Guckian, Nicholé Morgan, Nicky Charles, Dasan Ahanu

Ya’ll brought it!!

Watch Battle Cry on the Jes Averhart YouTube channel.


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