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Let's live BEYOND Burnout!

I get it... it's easy to let life get outta control... like a runaway train. 

When I hit my limit back in April of '22, I decided enough was enough. I got into the ring with burnout, and once on the other side, I realized this was too important to keep to myself. We can't settle when a few shifts in mindset and lifestyle can bring such lasting refreshment.

Today I'm thrilled to tell you about our burnout recovery program and book: Living Beyond Burnout.

So take a minute for yourself and imagine what a couple weeks of rest and recovery could do for your soul. Take a detour of rejuvenation with me, friend! You'll feel better in no time.

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Let’s Get on the Road!

28 Days of Reinvention taps into the thrill of taking risks and making the changes needed to live your best life.

As your guide, I’ll ride shotgun beside you as we hit the open road. We’ll hike wilderness trails and peer into canyons of self discovery as you determine what your dream is for your best future. Then we’ll gear up in the Empowerment Zone as we prepare to leap off the Comfort Cliff—and into the exciting next chapter of your life!

Let's Get on the Road!

You are Allowed to Reinvent Yourself! Start your Journey Today!

Each month I send an email featuring the BADDEST reinvention rockstars in the game, my best advice on how to level up and reinvent yourself along with a list of fun upcoming events.

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The coffee-shop style podcast helping thousands of women dream bigger and level up in business and life!  Learn from extraordinary women from across the country as they share their POWERFUL Reinvention stories...dropping unique takeaways just for you!

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28 Day Program

Go on a reinvention road trip! 28 days devoted to self discovery, empowerment and vision casting through a themed four-week intense journey, available with or without coaching. Let's get on the road!

Get on the Road


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"This program has truly changed my life. I went into this experience with a feeling of uncertainty but also an open mind and came out with the guidance, courage and a plan to work towards my dreams."

Kellie R.
Director, Construction Company

"Have you been longing to take your life, your business or your dreams to the next level? This program is simply transformative! If you’re truly ready to dig deep and get some momentum going towards your goals and your dreams, this is your opportunity! I feel like a brand new person. I’m ready to take on the world!"

Marcia B.
Real Estate Broker

"I had many 'aha' moments throughout the program, but on Day 27 it all came together for me in an 'aha' moment about the big question: 'What is holding me back from leaping off my Comfort Cliff?' On Day 27, I had the answer I needed to move forward with my next chapter."

Patrena E.
Higher Ed Administrator

"28 Day RRT provided the structure to do the self discovery and self-care I needed. I found it incredibly helpful to participate in a program that offered the space to examine my life without feeling selfish. I typically spend my time and energy meeting the needs of others. Once I took the time to analyze and take care of myself, goals that I thought were otherwise unreachable became attainable. I now realize that by prioritizing myself, I can achieve my goals."

Tiffany R.
Hotel Director

"Give yourself the gift of this focused time on what YOU really want. I emerged from this 28 day journey awakened to my unique gifts, unstuck, and with a plan to do the next right thing. I developed radical boundaries that immediately contributed to my self-care. The cohort structure creates instant connection and a boomerang of insight. Jes' authenticity, quick insights and compassionate coaching are the magic of the course."

Shelly L.
Media Exec.

"I’m somebody who, until now, has intentionally avoided thinking about my future. But I decided it was time, and this was such a great deep dive into what I could choose to do with my life. I explored who I am and what I want to better equip myself to choose what happens next. It gave me the confidence that I can create the future I want. During the course of the program, I ended up making huge life changes. I decided to open myself up romantically and to start dating someone, and I decided to sell my house. I rediscovered my spirituality. 28 Day Reinvention Road Trip was a journey of great self-discovery."

Lauren P.
Research Scientist turned Marketing Specialist

"This program helped me to dedicate real, intentional time to myself. In one of the videos, Jes articulated this, saying, ‘You get seven hours this week to dedicate to working on yourself.’ That hit me! As a working mom and wife, I don’t take time like that for myself, and 28 Day Reinvention Road Trip helped me see how important that is."

Kendra M.
Nonprofit Executive

"Week 1: Self Discovery unlocked my subconscious, especially when I pulled out my coloring utensils. I could almost hear the key turning in my head as I got in touch with my subconscious. I could hear the voice of my younger self speaking to me. As I processed my Crucible Moments, I realized I needed to work through trauma from an experience. When the actual experience happened, I got stuck—it was like a psychological boulder was set in front of me, and I could not get past that heavy boulder. As I processed my Crucible Moment, I was able to break up that boulder into manageable pieces and eventually stepped right over it. That activity helped me to finally move forward. Mid Week 3 (Comfort Cliff), I realized I was ready to actually pursue a goal I'd always had in the back of my mind—writing—and I dove right into my passion project. I've made more progress in the past couple of weeks than I had in years. "

Rita B.
I'm a Midwestern girl!  I'm also a CEO, fourth generation entrepreneur, podcaster, storyteller and mom of a 6’ 5” teenage boy and 1’ 11’ bulldog named Roscoe. Over the last two decades, I've worked with a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations on the principles of Transformational Leadership, Self Discovery and the Art of Reinvention. 
I can't wait to share my unique lived-experiences with you!  You'll hear stories and lessons learned while I worked with America's Most Admired Company, the NFL and even a few during the time I built furniture on an Amish Farm in Indiana.  Bottom line...I absolutely LOVE the process of reinvention!  My sole purpose is to delight & inspire; so let's lean into the growing edge together and get after it. 

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