Let's Get on the Road!

28 Days of Reinvention

Registration deadline: Sunday 1/14/2024

Registration Opens December 2023









Ready to devote 28 days to you? Rev your engine as we go on a journey of self discovery, empowerment and vision casting. I’ll be your guide, riding shotgun beside you as we hit the open road together. We’ll hike the wilderness trails and peer into canyons; we’ll indulge in nourishing self-care at an oasis retreat. We’ll power up in the Empowerment Zone as we prepare to jump off your Comfort Cliff—your next right step!

Registration Opens December 2023


Week 1: Superpowers Unleashed

A Week of Self-Discovery

  • Recognize your strengths
  • Find out how you show up to others
  • Identify (and FLIP!) the lies you tell yourself
  • Overcome impostor syndrome
  • Choose a life-giving mantra 
  • Craft your highlight reel to remind you of your victories

Week 2: The Fire Within

Leverage Your Crucible Moments

  • What experiences made you the person you are today
  • What positive and negative assumptions you’ve adopted about life and its challenges
  • How to reframe your world view to maximize your ability to handle stress
  • Acceptance that you, as you are, are completely deserving of joy and success

Week 3: Your Growing Edge

Explore Your Comfort Cliff

  • Explore what you really want 
  • Examine your core values
  • Build your legacy
  • Discover your next right step
  • Learn how to build the skills and confidence you need
  • Prepare to make lasting changes 

Week 4: Spring Into Action

Make Your Action Plan

  • Learn how to create a mind map
  • Determine what kind of support you’ll need
  • Make your 30-day plan
  • Improve your Say-Do Ratio and become more of a finisher
  • Access Reinvention Roadmap®


Jes Averhart, Master Certified Life Coach

I’ve worked on an Amish farm and for the world’s most admired company as a financial analyst. I’ve produced basketball and all-star games for 2 NFL franchises and an NBA franchise and co-founded a nonprofit along the way.

My specialty is getting women unstuck—quick, fast and in a hurry! Over the last decade, I’ve had the distinct honor of guiding women from all walks of life through their personal reinvention story. Let's get out on the road together!

Cat Laiacone, Master Certified Life Coach

After 20 years in the corporate arena helping people navigate difficult decisions in finance, acquisitions, career and family, I'm ready to support you as you figure out what's next.

I look forward to journeying with you, exploring options with a sense of curiosity and deep respect for your unique experience. I'll help you convert those road blocks into stepping stones, partnering with you as a compassionate guide. Let's celebrate the wins as you rediscover your mojo!




Self-Paced, Independent Reinvention Road Trip


Self-paced, No Coaching

  • Self-paced, independent journey (28 days or 28 weeks—whatever works for you)
  • Workbook
  • Online guidepost community support
  • No coaching
  • No cohort support
  • Best for those who are not ready to invest an intensive month in reinvention, and want to take their time

28 Day Reinvention Road Trip Program


Includes Daily Support + Group Coaching

  • 28-day intensive reinvention journey (daily videos, activities and milestones)
  • Two individual coaching sessions
  • Weekly Zoom group coaching (5 sessions total)
  • 90-Day Sprint Planning Program, using Reinvention Roadmap®
  • Daily interaction & support from your cohort
  • Access to our NEW online community - the 28 Days of Reinvention Campfire Circle
  • Workbook
  • Best for those ready to dig in and make real changes in one month’s time
Registration Opens December 2023

28 Day Reinvention Road Trip Program PREMIUM


Includes Daily Support + Group & Individual Coaching

  • 28-day intensive reinvention journey (daily videos, activities and milestones)
  • Four personalized 60-minute one-on-one coaching session (1-per-week, 4 sessions total)
  • Weekly Zoom group coaching (5 sessions total)
  • Daily interaction & support from your cohort
  • 90-Day Sprint Planning Program, using Reinvention Roadmap®
  • Best for those who want in-depth coaching as they dive deep into an intensive month-long reinvention journey
Registration Opens December 2023

Kellie R.

"This program has truly changed my life. I went into this experience with a feeling of uncertainty but also an open mind and came out with the guidance, courage and a plan to work towards my dreams."

Patrena E.

"I had many 'aha' moments throughout the program, but on Day 27 it all came together for me in an 'aha' moment about the big question: 'What is holding me back from leaping off my Comfort Cliff?' On Day 27, I had the answer I needed to move forward with my next chapter."

Lauren P.

"Thanks to the program, I made huge life changes. I decided to open myself up romantically and to sell my house. I rediscovered my spirituality. 28 Day Reinvention Road Trip was a journey of great self-discovery."