Podcast Episodes

My Reinvention Story
The 6 Biggest Roadblocks to Reinvention
Confessions of an Impostor - The Ugly Truth
Stop Trading Your Dreams for Comfort
Check Yourself...
Before You Wreck Yourself
Chocolate, Wine or Underwear...
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Grab your coffee, tea or glass of wine (ya know the one with the snazzy label) and let's have some fun!  Join us for the latest episode of the "Reinvention Road Trip," a Self Discovery Podcast helping thousands of women dream bigger and level up in business and life!   Learn from Girl Bosses from across the country who have POWERFUL reinvention stories.  Each one - dropping unique gems and takeaways just for you!   So relax, settle in and take some notes - it's time to begin your Reinvention journey! 


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