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Know—and OWN—Your Lane of Influence

But wait there’s more.

Last week, we talked about why the room is better because you’re in it.  But what if I told you there’s more to the story. What if the impact that you have in that room is directly tied to knowing and boldly owning your lane of influence!

Your Lane

Getting clear on your lane of influence is critical. Whether you’re a founder or a project manager, you need to know how your influence shapes those around you. And if you’ve been following us over the last several weeks, you might be silently saying, “Oh, yeah I know my lane, I’m 100% a Creator.”  But, if I totally lost you just now, check out our article on the Fab 4 and take the quiz.

You Asked for More

Now, since we published the introduction of the Fab 4 earlier this spring, we’ve had the opportunity to explore the framework with executives, engineering teams, real estate and construction companies and nonprofits in various parts of the country.  These opportunities have been priceless. We’ve learned so much about the power of unlocking the simple truths that ignite team dynamics. We also learned that we needed to keep going.  While our clients were energized to know the contributors around the table, they had questions like:

  • What do we do next?
  • How can we workshop these ideas with our teams?
  • How can I lean into the strengths of my team members (and counter the shadow sides)?

They asked for more. So we went deeper.

Enter Dasan Ahanu. Over the last several months we’ve been working on these questions with Dasan, an accomplished professional artist and entrepreneur, who is the founder of a new creative agency launching this fall called the Vonsson Group. The Vonsson Group uses art and culture as a framework for creative solutions to business needs. They’re imagination people and together, we’re coming up with practical, boots-on-the-ground activities, new frameworks and applications to amplify the strengths of the Fab 4 on your team.

Sneak Peek

One of those frameworks unlocks a new layer of the Fab 4 by identifying the four key drivers that set each of them apart. You see, each Fab 4 contributor brings four positive tendencies to the table at any given time. And leaning into these tendencies can be a gamechanger!

Next week, we’ll reveal those drivers and what they could mean for you and your team. Until then, take our quiz to see which of the four contributors you are.


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