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Know—and OWN—Your Lane of Influence

But wait there’s more.

Last week, we talked about why the room is better because you’re in it.  But what if I told you there’s more to the story. What if the impact that you have in that room is directly tied to knowing and boldly owning your lane of influence!

Your Lane

Getting clear on your lane of influence is critical. Whether you’re a founder or a project manager, you need to know how your influence shapes those around you. And if you’ve been following us over the last several weeks, you might be silently saying, “Oh, yeah I know my lane, I’m 100% a Creator.”  But, if I totally lost you just now, check out our article on the Fab 4 and take the quiz.

You Asked for More

Now, since we published the introduction of the Fab 4 earlier this spring, we’ve had the opportunity to explore the framework with executives, engineering teams, real estate and construction companies and nonprofits in various...

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The Fab 4... When Wires Get Crossed

(First appeared in WRAL TechWire.)

Enter the Fab 4. And while I love a good Beatle’s reference, I’m not talking about them or the tribute band. I’m harkening back to a week ago when we introduced the four fabulous (and essential) contributors of high performing teams: creators, builders, sustainers and disruptors. Highly effective teams have a natural blend of all four role players, so this week I want to dig into the problems can arise when they don’t understand themselves or their teammates.


These nuanced roles have predilections, to put it simply. They see the world a certain way, and enjoy making contributions in some ways more than others.

Take creators, for example. Creators, the most innovative of the team, often have love-hate relationships with the builders, sustainers and disruptors. Afterall, they’re onto the next bright idea before the builders have finished crafting the last...

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The Four Contributors of a High Performing Team

(First appeared in WRAL TechWire.)

Have you ever noticed that you find certain aspects of your role at work energizing… and other aspects absolutely exhausting? You look over at your coworker happily working away on the thing that makes you want to pour a stiff drink and wonder… How does she do it?

The logic puzzle here might be simpler than you think. Let’s take a minute to look at who you are, and how you fit into the ecosystem that is your workplace.


In every successful work ecosystem, you’ll find a combination of four types of role players: creators, builders, sustainers and disruptors. All four bring unique perspectives and offerings. The trick is to find the harmony that ensures each person is actually playing to their strengths.


Creators are the “Big Idea” people. These bright-eyed dreamers burst on the scene with a vision to create a start-up, add a new business line or take the whole damn company...

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