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Did You Hear the Bell?

recess for adults Sep 18, 2023

I’m out for recess!

Yep, I’m living into the things I preach and scheduling breaks over the next 4 days to read, plan for the fall and get a Thai massage. Can’t wait!

What’s the inspiration you ask?  Well, let’s hop in the way-back machine… all the way back to elementary school. You’re fidgeting in Mr. Snoresville’s class, watching the clock, waiting for the bell to ring so you can dash out the door because…

It’s Recess!

You can feel it, can’t you? The excitement of heading outside to unstructured play and 45 minutes of sweet, sweet freedom.

Maybe you settled into a spot on the bus curb and ki-ki’d about crushes. Or you grabbed a basketball to play H-O-R-S-E with the crew. Or maybe you were out on the field choreographing dance moves to the latest song.

Jump rope… swings…whatever… recess was the best!

So what happened? When did the magic of recess get left behind in our memories? How...

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