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Refresh yourself, people: Here’s a hot summer bucket list

summer bucket list Jul 28, 2022

Summer is flying by…Geesh!! So this week, I wanted to offer a few (okay, 10) things to enjoy and savor before this gorgeous season takes a bow.

Summer Bucket List

  1. Find some water! Take a walk on the beach, pack a picnic lunch, or see if somebody will take you out on a boat for a relaxing kickback on the water.

  2. Catch a baseball game! Ya’ll know I’m partial to the Durham Bulls but wherever you are…support your local team!

  3. Find an inspiring arboretum or summer flower display. (In Raleigh, we love the Dorothea Dix Sunflower Field or Lavender Oaks Farm in Chapel Hill.

  4. Indulge in a pool day. Bring a novel, sunblock, playlist and jazzy beverages. You’ve probably forgotten how relaxing a good day at the pool can be. *Try making some whimsical jello shots. Check out the ones our staff are crazy about below.

  5. Go on a hot girl walk! Dress up, walk with your best swagger, and enjoy being your powerful beautiful self.

  6. Make homemade...

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