Lose Your Sizzle Pop? (Here's How to Get It Back)

(First appeared in WRAL Techwire.)

Last week we touched on energy. I reminded you that we all go through ebbs and flows and it’s important to take advantage of the ebbs to recharge. Today we’re going to dive deeper into two things that might sap your energy, and are unexpectedly connected to your goals.

Let’s take a hard look at the canary in the coal mine. Is your energy high or low these days?

If you’re like three out of five Americans, you shouted, “Low, Jes. I’m tired!”

Yes, it’s hard out here, folks. It seems like everything is pulling on our energy. Let’s take a minute to zoom in on “the why” so we can turn a corner on this phenomenon.

Energy sapper number one: your goals drain you. They lack inspiration and might be missing passion—there’s no sizzle pop!

Here’s some examples you might recognize: Sitting on boards just for the “exposure.” Working for the paycheck, but lost...

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Jealous Much? (You Might Just Be Tired)

(First appeared in WRAL Techwire.)

January is in the books, and I’ve got two cohorts of the most extraordinary women off on the Winter 28 Day Reinvention Road Trip.

At the same time, I’m changing gears a bit and taking time to recharge. And this shift is connected to a comment one of our current cohort travelers made during the kickoff call.

Here’s what she said: 

“I struggle with being envious or jealous of people versus being inspired by them.”  

What an important observation! I’ve been thinking about it all week. And honestly, I know exactly what she’s talking about, and I’ll bet you do, too.

Sometimes instead of feeling inspired and energized when we meet someone who’s “got it goin’ on” we might feel jealous, maybe even envious.

Why does this happen, and how can we nip it in the bud?

Here’s what I’ve noticed. I’m most likely to be envious or jealous when I’m tired,...

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Saying Yes to One Thing Means...

(First appeared in WRAL Techwire.)

Last week we talked about the Say:Do ratio—in other words, do you do what you say you’re going to do? Are you known for your reliable follow-through, or do you get lost along the path to getting it done?  How you answer these questions is critical because walking around with a low Say:Do ratio can wreak havoc on your personal and professional relationships – eroding others’ trust and confidence in you.

Now, to be fair, most people with low Say:Do ratios are good-hearted and well-intentioned. The challenge arises when they forget that saying yes to one thing means saying no or compromising another. This misstep lands them squarely in an overcommitment minefield, disappointing those around them and creating unnecessary tension. And let me tell you, it’s hard to escape this territory unscathed.

So the question is how do we recover?  Better yet, how do avoid falling into the low Say:Do ratio trap?


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It’s Time to Check your Say:Do Ratio

(First appeared in WRAL Techwire.)

Believe it or not, January is almost a distant memory. But it’s the perfect time to check in on your Say:Do ratio. Not familiar with the term? Here’s a better way to reframe it: Do you do what you say you’re going to do?

We often hear people say:

  • “I’ll believe it when I see it!”
  • “They’re all talk, no action.”
  • “Talk is cheap.”

When people say these sorts of things, someone’s Say:Do ratio is being appraised. This week let’s do a self-examination to better understand the big impact this little idea has on our lives. The outcome might just predict how successful or unsuccessful you’ll be with your goals and dreams this year.

I’ll start.

There was a time when my Say:Do was in the basement. I said yes to everything and didn’t take the time to think about how I was going to honor my commitments and other’s expectations. If you wanted to pass something...

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Evolve or Repeat? YOU Get to Choose

(First appeared in WRAL Techwire.)

Lately it feels like our dreams and goals are getting sidelined by the headlines. We’ve been frozen in a game of COVID freeze tag…Omicron freeze tag…pick-the-next-variant freeze tag for almost two years. I can’t turn around without someone telling me how I should feel based on the breaking news of the moment. Collectively we’ve been holding our breath for the “other” shoe to drop; meanwhile, while we turn blue…time is ticking away.

Today, I want to remind you that you have a choice to grow and evolve. You can forge ahead and design a year that feeds your soul, challenges your intellect and taps the shoulder of your curiosity…OR you can simply repeat.

Last Saturday, I hosted our second annual Reinvention Summit. Women (and a few good men) from across the country tuned in to kick off 2022 and get serious about what’s next. To recap, I wanted to share a few key takeaways that might help...

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The Brush is in Your Hand

(First appeared in WRAL Techwire.)

Amy Sherald, the artist who painted Michelle Obama’s Smithsonian portrait said, “It comes down to painting the work I want to see exist in the world.”

Friends, we are less than 48 hours from the start of a new year and I want to remind you that the brush is in your hand. If 2021 was not everything you imagined, think of January 1st as a factory reset. If you built momentum last year and are closer to reaching an important milestone, January 1st might be the home stretch. Either way, in two days we start with a blank canvas. Now is the time to create what you want to see exist in the world.  

Last week, I encouraged you to embrace your wanderlust and offered seven steps to help you set up for a breakthrough year. This week, let’s go deeper and address the possibility that when you allow your mind to wander, you might get stuck or feel a little lost.


And you’re in good...

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Wanderlust: Seven Steps to Make 2022 Your Breakout Year

Editor’s note: Triangle entrepreneur and thought leader Jes Averhart, CEO of Jes & Co and host of the “Reinvention Road Trip,” joins WRAL TechWire today as a regular contributor. She will be exploring a variety of topics with an emphasis on reinvention in these trying times of COVID. Her columns appear on Thursdays.


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – “You’ll never influence the world by being just like it!” — (An Anonymous but Very Wise Person)

 Greetings from Boone, NC! For the last seven years, my family has made an annual pilgrimage over the holidays to Western North Carolina. We stake claim to a cabin, play cards, puzzle, and watch holiday movies in front of a fireplace. As my mom and son get older, it’s a tradition that has become sacred to me. I slow down. I’m present. 

 Inevitably, on the morning of the second day, coffee in hand, phone out of reach, and a cabin still asleep, my mind...

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New Column in TechWire!

Below you'll find my first article in my new weekly column in WRAL Techwire. Enjoy!

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Hello TechWire!! I’m thrilled to be on this platform with you. Six years ago, I was introduced to the Triangle Tech Community by way of the American Underground where I co-founded Black Wall Street Homecoming, a nonprofit created to address the funding gap for founders of color. Since then, I’ve watched the Triangle emerge as one of the fastest growing markets in the country for entrepreneurs and tech companies and am honored to join the many voices that speak to you each week.

As CEO of Jes & Co and creator of 28 Days of Reinvention, I hope this weekly column provides the insight about reinvention required to help you confidently determine your next right steps.

Why? Well, we’re in a bit of a crisis it seems. These days, it feels like we’re having trouble tapping into our mojo. We’ve replaced the...

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