3 Lessons to Your BEST Life - Thank You Hollywood!

Weird Science to Iron Man…drug addiction to Hollywood’s most in-demand and highest paid actors.  Sound Familiar?  My pop culture mavens are screaming…that’s Robert Downey Jr.!!!

Yep, our very own Tony Stark took his personal reinvention to a Whole. Notha. Level off screen!   I loved the guy in Pretty in Pink and Charlie Chaplin, forgave him for Tropic Thunder and have him etched in time after the ending of Avengers - Endgame.  But it was those middle years that I held my breath as a fan.  In between 1996 to 2001, he unquestionably played the role of a lifetime.  Downey played himself.  He sped down a road that included drug addition, rehab, jail, a tanking career and eventually self-discovery and ultimately recovery.

I was nine years old when Weird Science came out.  I remember really wanting Ian, the preppy bully that Downey played in the film to get what was coming to him.  Payback, ya know? And of course,...

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Welcome 2020 with Scarface & Fancy Glasses!

So…the last time I blogged was about 5 years ago.  My son, now a Senior in High School, was playing Pop Warner football at the time.  Now,  if you’re familiar with Pop Warner you know that the dreams of young boys are held within their coaches Saturday morning  playbook.  While the boys are on the field learning how to take a “dressing down” from their position coach and not cry, the parents (mostly moms) are on the sidelines “catching up” and trying to pretend they don’t hear the barks and orders  being shouted in the distance.   It was during one of these chat sessions that a mom said…”you have the best dating stories…you should start a blog.” So, with a choir of football moms encouraging me to write, I did.  

Not surprisingly, it didn’t last long.  I discovered that writing about your dating life is like traveling across country in a station wagon;...

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